Flexible Fridge Frittata Kids Meal for 4

Weekday recipes can be a challenge for any household. It doesn’t matter if you are single, a couple, or a family. You come home from work and you want a quick recipe so that you can eat and focus on more important matters. You may also find it a challenge to find healthy weekday recipes. If you have children, you know you will need recipes for picky children!

Our flexible fridge frittata is a great recipe that is not only healthy but also adaptable to suit your personal preferences. The ingredients we have included below can be altered as you see fit. This recipe is also great for children to help you in the kitchen. By teaching your children to cook at a young age you are giving them the skills they need later in life.

We have found that this recipe is also great if you need a recipe for an empty fridge. By just having the staples you could make a delicious meal without any need to go shopping!

We recommend that you eat this frittata with some baked beans, a side salad, or chips. If you fancy, this dish can also be eaten cold.


1 Diced Red Pepper
1 Diced Yellow Pepper
1 Diced Green Pepper
1 Small Red Onion
2 Slices of Ham cut up into little pieces
4oz Garden Peas or Petit Pois
50oz Grated Cheddar Cheese (for stronger flavours, use extra mature cheddar)
1 Diced Tomato
5 Large Eggs
50ml Double Cream (substitute with semi skimmed milk for a lighter option)
2 tbs Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper for Seasoning


  1. Preheat oven to 180º C (fan assisted; for normal oven 190º)
  2. Coat an oven proof dish with the olive oil. The size of the dish will impact the depth of the frittata.
  3. Break eggs into a separate bowl
  4. Add salt and pepper to eggs
  5. Add cream or milk to eggs
  6. Add half the cheese to the eggs
  7. Mixed them together and leave aside
  8. In the oven proof dish place the peppers, tomato, onions, and peas
  9. Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables and then mix it together and spread evenly
  10. Place the remaining cheddar cheese on top of the mixture
  11. Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
  12. Take it out and leave it to stand for 3 minutes before serving